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Album Giants (Deluxe) by The Stranglers Download Online

Looking to download Giants (Deluxe) album online ? Released: May 28, 2013 , The Stranglers launched Rock album Giants (Deluxe).

Album has 31 Songs, 1 Hour 59 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1981#figjamloops111018

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1981#figjamloops111018

Album songs list:
Another Camden Afternoon 4:03

Freedom Is Insane 6:09

Giants 3:41

Lowlands 3:14

Boom Boom 3:21

My Fickle Resolve 5:32

Time Was Once On My Side 3:30

Mercury Rising 3:36

Adios (Tango) 4:39

15 Steps 4:57

Waltzinblack (Intro) [Live] 1:18

Burning Up Time (Live) 2:18

The Raven (Live) 4:59

Lowlands (Live) 3:09

Hanging Around (Live) 4:26

Unbroken (Live) 3:48

Time Was Once On My Side (Live) 3:24

Sometimes (Live) 4:47

Giants (Live) 3:39

Peaches (Live) 3:45

Peaches (Live) 3:38

5 Minutes (Live) 3:46

Relentless (Live) 5:06

Lost Control (Live) 3:36

Something Better Change (Live) 3:08

Freedom Is Insane (Live) 5:54

No More Heroes (Live) 3:44

Boom Boom (Live) 3:03

Nice'n'Sleazy (Live) 3:22

Duchess (Live) 2:26

Tank (Live) 3:25


With a drummer in his 70s and other members clocking in on the far side of 40 and 60, The Stranglers are living proof that age is just a number. Songwriting is what decides winners and losers, and Giants—which first appeared in Europe in 2012—shows a band very much engaged, thanks in part to the extra time it took getting the album together. The bouncy rocker "Boom Boom" shows the band catching an easy groove, with bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel creating much of the activity on just his four bass strings. "My Fickle Resolve" turns in a stalking bass line to complement the noir vibe, which includes narration and a synthesizer finish. "Time Was Once on My Side" features all four members driving the sound from their perches for what's clearly meant to be a live highlight and a serious truth. Coming close to the group's 40th anniversary, The Stranglers are still keeping an ear cocked for what they can bring to the stage. The entirety of Giants was recorded with that in mind. The deluxe edition shows how it works out, with a 2011 acoustic set that features the new songs alongside fine tracks from The Stranglers' extensive catalog.
Giants (Deluxe) full album download
Giants (Deluxe) download album online
Giants (Deluxe) online album
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