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Album Ouroboros by Ray LaMontagne Download Online

Looking to download Ouroboros album online ? Released: Mar 4, 2016, Ray LaMontagne released Rock album Ouroboros.

Album has 8 Songs, 39 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=1290#figjamloops110818

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=1290#figjamloops110818

Album songs list:
Part One - Homecoming 8:28

Part One - Hey, No Pressure 6:34

Part One -The Changing Man 4:13

Part One - While It Still Beats 4:10

Part Two - In My Own Way 6:36

Part Two - Another Day 3:05

Part Two - A Murmuration of Starlings 2:33

Part Two - Wouldn't It Make a Lovely Photograph 3:58


One of the most probing singer/songwriters of his generation, Ray LaMontagne achieves a cosmically sublime state on Ouroboros. Lined with imagery that feels drawn from riddle-like dreams, the freely flowing song cycle passes through ethereal jazz folk (“Homecoming”), fuzzily iridescent psychedelia (“While It Still Beats”), and radioactive blues (“Hey, No Pressure”). The tunes are spare, often consisting of just LaMontagne’s raspy whisper laid over standard rock instrumentation. Yet the way producer Jim James wraps them in echo-laden atmosphere and spacey effects lends the music a spellbinding sense of vastness.
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