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Looking to download Be the Void album online ? Released: Feb 3, 2012, Dr. Dog released Alternative album Be the Void.

Album has 12 Songs, 47 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=5205#figjamloops110918

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=5205#figjamloops110918

Album songs list:
Lonesome 3:18

That Old Black Hole 3:21

These Days 2:47

How Long Must I Wait 3:40

Get Away 4:00

Do the Trick 4:32

Vampire 4:26

Heavy Light 3:40

Big Girl 5:03

Over Here, Over There 4:01

Warrior Man 4:57

Turning the Century 3:50


There’s an energetic, first-take feel to Dr. Dog’s seventh release, Be the Void. Starting with the jangly roots-pop of “Lonesome,” the band careens with joyous abandon across a sprawling rock ‘n’ roll landscape. The delivery may be loose, but the songs are tightly crafted, filled with effortless hooks, warm vocal harmonies, and enough absurdist wordplay to leave Beck scratching his head. Distorted guitars, keyboards, and punchy bass lines intertwine on the urgent “Over Here, Over There” and “Vampire.” Lean guitar riffs drive “Big Girl” and “Warrior Man,” while the catchy “That Old Black Hole” and “Do the Trick” will have you singing along on first listen. The album closes much as it begins, by riding a relaxed acoustic groove on the loping “Turning the Century.” Be the Void is more melodic gold from one of the more reliable and consistent rock ‘n’ roll bands around.
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