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The Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version) Download Free (MP4, MP3)

Looking to download The Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version) album online ? Released: Sep 24, 2010, Bad Religion released Alternative album The Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version).

Album has 20 Songs, 55 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=7765#figjamloops110918

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=7765#figjamloops110918

Album songs list:
The Day That the Earth Stalled 1:26

Only Rain 2:42

The Resist Stance 2:33

Won't Somebody 2:42

The Devil In Stitches 3:28

Pride and the Pallor 2:59

Wrong Way Kids 2:46

Meeting of the Minds 2:07

Someone to Believe 2:38

Avalon 3:27

Cyanide 3:54

Turn Your Back On Me 2:23

Ad Hominem 3:26

Where the Fun Is 3:04

I Won't Say Anything 3:22

Finite (Bonus Track) 3:54

Best For You (Live) [Bonus Track] 2:08

Pessimistic Lines (Live) [Bonus Track] 1:15

How Much Is Enough? (Live) [Bonus Track] 1:32

Generator (Live) [Bonus Track] 3:16


The Dissent of Man is the fifteenth Bad Religion album. The Southern California punk rock band formed in 1979 and has reordered their lineup quite a few times over the years. At the onset, they were one band among many, but by the late ‘80s, it was becoming apparent that their melodic and sincere punk-rock styling was likely to outlast their competition. The Dissent of Man is everything that made the band’s reputation. “The Day That the Earth Stalled” and “Only Rain” are tight, powerful songs that fulfill the needs of any guitar-rock fan’s cravings. Even their ballads, “Won’t Somebody” and “Turn Your Back On Me,” have more speed and power than many group’s more upbeat works. The trick is in the harmonies and their insistence on sticking with what gave them their greatest success. Their natural abilities are not tied down to punk’s rigid code, but are aligned with what makes great pop music. The Deluxe Version is a real  treat. The live cuts “Best For You,” “How Much is Enough?,” and “Generator,” prove what a great live band they are as well.
The Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version) full album download
The Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version) download album online
The Dissent of Man (Deluxe Version) online album
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