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Easter Everywhere By 13th Floor Elevators MP3 Download

Looking to download Easter Everywhere album online ? Released: Jan 1, 1967, 13th Floor Elevators released Soundtrack album Easter Everywhere.

Album has 20 Songs, 1 Hour 16 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=8553#figjamloops110918

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=8553#figjamloops110918

Album songs list:
Slip Inside This House 8:02

Slide Machine 3:42

She Lives (In a Time of Her Own) 2:56

Nobody to Love 2:55

Baby Blue 5:16

Earthquake 4:48

Dust 3:59

Levitation 2:38

I Had to Tell You 2:26

Pictures (Leave Your Body Behind) 6:28

Splash 1 (Live) 4:19

Kingdom of Heaven (Live) 3:30

You're Gonna Miss Me (Live) 2:23

Reverberation (Doubt) [Live] 3:20

You Don't Know (Live) 2:36

Fire Engine (Live) 3:01

Monkey Island (Live) 2:43

Roller Coaster (Live) 5:41

Levitation (Instrumental) 3:08

I Don't Ever Want to Come Down 2:42


The 13th Floor Elevators' debut album, The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators, was a landmark LP, a pioneering moment in garage rock/psychedelia/punk history. The Texas band's second album, 1967's Easter Everywhere, continued the group's streak. The eight perfect minutes of "Slip Inside the House" manage to stretch out the sound without a whiff of self-indulgence. Singer Roky Erickson is a presence like no other. His vocal range is limited, but the emotion in his voice makes every song sound like a last stand. The cover of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" is raw and dirty, as good in its way as Van Morrison and Them's stellar rendition. "Levitation" turns the electricity upside down, while "I Had to Tell You" twists folk-pop into a personal ballad. Guitarist Stacy Sutherland uses his instrument to color the sound. The music's lack of ego (or the sense of ego deflected) makes it a true band effort. Primitive-sounding live recordings from 1966-1967 round out the reissue.
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