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Listen & Download Snakes & Arrows: Live Online Library ~ MP3 Album For FREE Library

Looking to download Snakes & Arrows: Live album online ? Released: Apr 14, 2008, Rush released Rock album Snakes & Arrows: Live.

Album has 27 Songs, 2 Hours 32 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1096#figjamloops110818

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1096#figjamloops110818

Album songs list:
Limelight (Live) 4:51

Digital Man (Live) 6:56

Entre Nous (Live) 4:55

Mission (Live) 5:39

Freewill (Live) 5:45

The Main Monkey Business (Live) 6:06

The Larger Bowl (Live) 4:21

Secret Touch (Live) 7:29

Circumstances (Live) 3:46

Between the Wheels (Live) 6:01

Dreamline (Live) 5:15

Far Cry (Live) 5:23

Workin' Them Angels (Live) 4:48

Armor and Sword (Live) 6:57

Spindrift (Live) 5:38

The Way the Wind Blows (Live) 6:24

Subdivisions (Live) 5:43

Natural Science (Live) 8:34

Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear) [Live] 4:49

Malignant Narcissism / De Slagwerker (Live) 10:41

Hope (Live) 2:21

Distant Early Warning (Live) 4:53

The Spirit of Radio (Live) 5:03

Tom Sawyer (Live) 5:34

One Little Victory (Live) 5:26

A Passage to Bangkok (Live) 3:57

YYZ (Live) 5:17


After showing a resurgence of power with its Snakes & Arrows studio release, the band decided to capitalize on its re-found energy and enthusiasm with a live career retrospective recorded in Rotterdam over two nights in 2007. A thirty-five year career means not everything can be covered, but the band makes a valiant effort to include the songs that still resonate among its members. Singer Geddy Lee has had to pull off the top end of his vocal range, and that's actually become a bonus, since the warmer timbre adds emotional depth to songs such as "Limelight," "Freewill," "The Spirit of Radio," "Tom Sawyer," and "A Passage to Bangkok." The band's impeccable musicianship is on full display. Guitarist Alex Lifeson, in particular, seems energized, after having spent much time playing second fiddle to the additional layers of keyboards over the years, and drummer Neil Peart is always an animal behind his kit, relishing in the technical challenges of switching time signatures at will. The newer material — "Armor and Sword," "The Larger Bowl" — slip in nicely alongside the crowd pleasers and "YYZ" finishes things off with a suitable instrumental celebration.
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