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Live At Shepperton MP3 Download

Looking to download Live At Shepperton album online ? Released: Dec 31, 1981, The Damned released Rock album Live At Shepperton.

Album has 10 Songs, 32 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=2761#figjamloops110918

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=2761#figjamloops110918

Album songs list:
Love Song (Live) 2:10

Second Time Around (Live) 1:42

I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Live) 3:56

Melody Lee 2:07

Help 1:28

Neat Neat Neat 4:40

Looking At You 5:49

Smash It Up, Pt. 1 & 2 (Live) 4:24

New Rose (Live) 1:48

Plan 9 Channel 7 (Live) 4:54


Six of the tracks appeared as side four of the original British version of The Black Album (and on a subsequent reissue in the U.S.), and all were taken from a special gig the band played for members of its fan club at Shepperton, England, in 1980. Singer Dave Vanian helps fill out the sound by double-timing on keyboards, and the band is in fine form for what is its first live album. The focus is on material from its debut, Damned Damned Damned, and its third album Machine Gun Etiquette, with Machine's title track renamed "Second Time Around." The choices are inspired, with Captain Sensible on guitar where original member Brian James once had been for "Neat Neat Neat" and "New Rose." Sensible gives things an extra-crazy flavor, though drummer Rat Scabies should also be singled out for his manic playing. A cover of The Beatles' "Help" is done at 78 rpm. The MC5's "Looking at You" is a nod toward the band's obscure roots. 
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