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[MP3 DOWNLOAD] Detours by Sheryl Crow iTunes Free

Looking to download Detours album online ? Released: Feb 5, 2008, Sheryl Crow released Pop album Detours.

Album has 15 Songs, 56 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1067#figjamloops110818

Download here http://truemp3.club/?d=1067#figjamloops110818

Album songs list:
God Bless This Mess 2:09

Shine Over Babylon 4:02

Love Is Free 3:22

Peace Be Upon Us 4:22

Gasoline 5:07

Out of Our Heads 4:26

Detours 3:28

Now That You're Gone 3:51

Drunk With the Thought of You 2:38

Diamond Ring 4:10

Motivation 3:47

Make It Go Away (Radiation Song) 3:23

Love Is All There Is 4:01

Lullaby for Wyatt 4:14

Doctor My Eyes 3:28


With 2008’s Detours, Sheryl Crow has made her most personal album to date without sacrificing her innate pop charms. Usually when an artist turns introspective, the results are difficult, less accessible and idiosyncratic. But without losing her tight connection to the songwriting muse Crow attacks the geo-political situation (“God Bless This Mess,” “Shine Over Babylon,” “Gasoline”), explores her personal dealings with breast cancer (“Make it Go Away (Radiation Song)”), her difficult relationships (“Diamond Ring” about Lance Armstrong) and her new life as the mother of an adopted son (“Lullaby for Wyatt”), all with a grace and professionalism that makes for personally affecting listening. Crow reunited with producer Bill Bottrell who helmed her 1993 breakthrough Tuesday Night Music Club and together they maintain the sense of play in her music. The cheerleading chants of “Out of Our Heads,” the ‘70s soul swagger of “Now That You’re Gone,” the sweet melodic arc of  “Drunk With the Thought Of You” and the plush radio pop of “Love is All There Is” display Crow’s great stylistic range and ability to rise to any challenge.
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