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Runaway (Deluxe) By Passenger Free Download

Looking to download Runaway (Deluxe) album online ? Released: Aug 31, 2018, Passenger released Singer/Songwriter album Runaway (Deluxe).

Album has 20 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=1479#figjamloops110818

Download here http://www.musicdown.online/?d=1479#figjamloops110818

Album songs list:
Hell Or High Water 3:41

Why Can't I Change 3:11

Heart To Love 3:17

Let's Go 3:14

He Leaves You Cold 3:21

Ghost Town 5:13

Runaway 3:10

Eagle Bear Buffalo 3:24

To Be Free 4:47

Survivors 4:57

Survivors (Live from Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, CA) 4:42

To Be Free (Live from Dauphin Rd, Vineland, NJ) 4:41

Eagle Bear Buffalo (Live from Canaan Mountain Wilderness Area, UT) 3:27

Runaway (Live from Joshua Tree National Park, CA) 3:22

Ghost Town (Live from Michigan Theatre, Detroit, MI) 4:23

He Leaves You Cold (Live from Unityville, PA) 3:23

Let's Go (Live from Trough Rd, State Bridge, CO) 2:49

Heart To Love (Live from a Rooftop in Manhattan, NY) 3:16

Why Can't I Change (Live from Tahkenitch Landing Campground, Gardiner, OR) 3:15

Hell Or High Water (Live from Santa Monica Beach, CA) 3:07


Ten albums in eleven years suggests writer’s block isn’t an issue for Mike Rosenberg. “I’m constantly traveling and touring,” the UK singer, better known as Passenger, tells Apple Music. “It forever keeps me out of my comfort zone and I think that’s when you get the inspiration to write.” Here, his muse is a trip to the United States spent reconnecting with his roots. Standout “To Be Free” tells the emotional story of Rosenberg’s Jewish family leaving Europe for America as refugees after WWII. “It’s something I never thought I’d write about,” he says. Elsewhere, the journey is lifted with hearty choruses and mellow folk. “Eagle Bear Buffalo” is a radiant ode to Yellowstone National Park, while tranquil “Ghost Town” recalls the quieter moments of these travels.
Runaway (Deluxe) full album download
Runaway (Deluxe) download album online
Runaway (Deluxe) online album
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