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How it Works

Figjam Loops is a world-first, taking social media to the next level by using both physical and virtual realms of social media. You can now express yourself and even communicate through the Figjam Loops icons. Display your mood, favourite items and elements, write messages, personalise your daily status and all this, in real life. It all starts with your Figjam Loops Bracelet - fill your bracelet with Loops (sold separately). Your Loops are unique to you and as your collection grows so does your status in the on-line Figjam Loops community. Register and create your profile, add friends, create groups, communicate, upload, share, shop and update your status. Figjam Loops is a new exiting social language with endless possibilities - Pioneering real life social networking.

Congratulations on purchasing your Figjam Loops.

Start here

  1. Create your profile
  2. Register your Loop - Every Loop has its own unique code
  3. Build your profile with Loops
  4. Wear you Loops

Do you have a QR Loop?

  • Use the Figjam Loops built in scanner or any QR barcode scanner to scan your QR loop.
  • If you are logged in to your account you wil  receive  a prompt to link your QR loop to your Figjam loops Profile.
  • If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create a profile from where you will be able to link your QR loop to your profile.
  • Once you have linked your QR loop your ICE information will appear on the screen.

What does FIGJAM mean?

Warning Warning: by wearing your bracelet and loops you are saying that you're open for discussion or communication.

Social media are such an integral part of our lives, so we can't ignore it anymore. Instead of talking only via social networks over the internet, be bold and do it now through your Figjam bracelet and loops.

So, when someone comes up to ask about your loops, don't be shy - start talking!